Tuesday, September 04, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: IT Project Assistant (Junior Consultancy) for the Land Portal project

The Land Portal – facilitated by the International land Coalition (ILC) is the global gateway for land related information, aggregating information on land from multiple sources and building a specialized community of land experts from civil society organizations, governmental and intergovernmental institutions and academia. It is the result of a partnership of many organizations.

The Land Portal Coordination at ILC is looking for an IT Assistant  (Junior Consultancy ) for Land Portal content and technical related activities.

Main duties

  1. Data integration: In close coordination with the LP coordinator, the consultant will support external data integration. The consultant will liaise directly with third-party technical personnel, as well as conceptualize, develop and deploy integration mechanisms, including web-based user interfaces. Fine tune the integration of resources already integrated and make them functional and consistent with the overall LP layout.
  2. Fix and enhance Drupal functionalities that are not functioning properly (this will involve the re-writing of Drupal modules when necessary), including the notification system, organic group function, search engine function (including the creation of a specific search engine for external databases), management of spam, and others. Update and upgrade existing functionalities. Ensure the proper functioning of the website (quality, speed, professionalism), administration of the database, and maintenance of the websites at the server, content and software level, including any code optimisation duties. Resolve any maintenance or server issues as needed.
  3. After a proper assessment, migrate web content into the new dedicated server.
  4. Land Portal website regular management and upgrading including management of users, taxonomy gardening. Monitor users traffic on Google Analytics and suggest technical solutions to increase visibility and website referencing. Send out the monthly update (manually) and monthly web statistic reports (automatic).
  5. Support the design and implementation of new topic pages in collaboration with partner organizations. Act as technical support for all web design tasks and updating of content on the websites.
  6. Support the design and implementation of comprehensive country pages (in close collaboration with Tactical Tech and an ad hoc working group to be set up).
  7. Perform other duties as required.

More information.

Deadline: September 10, 2012

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