Thursday, September 13, 2012


PUBLICATION: Sustainable Community Forest Management

TFT has released a Community Forest Handbook, which it describes as “a practical guide to FSC group certification for smallholder agroforests”.

With an estimated 558 million people managing 1 billion hectares of agroforests worldwide, TFT’s new guide to working with smallholder agroforest managers is aimed at empowering communities to successfully launch sustainable forest businesses. 

Simply written, with multiple illustration and graphics, the handbook is a comprehensive guide for non-profits, businesses, government agencies and community organizations who want to develop a FSC group certificate for smallholder agroforests. The handbook includes:

  • step-by-step guidance for many of the most common challenges smallholders face in developing a wood business and becoming certified
  • case studies, templates and simple tools and techniques that will be useful for readers who are just beginning a community agroforest program, or are in the early stages of development
  • key questions to ask, and best practices for building long-term community agroforest program
  • explanations of common technical forestry terms and easy to understand examples
  • appendices with sample documents and links to additional resources on the web

The book is made up of six sections:

The entire book and the individual sections are available for download here.

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