Thursday, November 08, 2012


PUBLICATION: Women, men and forest research (CIFOR)

A CIFOR Occasional Paper by Carol J. Pierce Colfer and Rebakah Daro Minarchek reviews approaches, resources and methods for addressing gender.

With all this [increased] attention (and more), the present seems an opportune time to provide some methodological guidance to improve our abilities at addressing gender in forests, in a practical, timely and useful way. Our intended audience includes researchers as well as natural resource, development and conservation managers. We are convinced that the diversity that characterises both the ecological and social worlds in and around forests means that no cookie-cutter methods or solutions are likely to have broad appeal or efficacy. There is no substitute for human judgment.

[. . .]

We strive to make our methodological recommendations practical by linking them to what we imagine as potential readers’ decisionmaking contexts. We have categorised methods based on the availability of resources, and on the kinds of hopes/uses researchers have for their findings. We assume that all researchers/readers seek to improve forest management, to enhance both the health of the environment and the well being, even empowerment, of the people who live in and near it. But we recognise that different people, in different situations, have constraints on the options they can pursue.

Available here (pdf).

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