Thursday, December 06, 2012


CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on Innovations in Social Movement Research

Mobilization, the leading scholarly journal in social movement studies, plans a special issue on innovative research in contentious politics to be published in December 2013 (Volume 18, Number 4). Submission deadline is January 11, 2013.

Mobilization is seeking high-quality, original research articles from any discipline which highlight either of the following:

  1. New methods of data collection: Advances in technology have allowed researchers unparalleled access to social movements. For contemporary movements, we can document their activities in incredible detail as they are unfolding.  Additionally, the growth in the digitization of archives means that we can also know more about historical challenges than we could even a decade ago.  We seek research that takes advantage of these new sources of data and means of collecting it, or that looks at old sources of data in a new way. We encourage submissions employing both qualitative and quantitative data.
  2. New methods of analysis: From social network analysis to advances in comparative analysis and mixed methods, social scientists are employing a new repertoire of analytic strategies. We encourage submissions that take advantage of these techniques to explore questions related to contentious politics.

This issue will feature papers that seek to leverage these new methods to broaden our understanding of social movements.  Submissions will likely engage with contemporary social movement theory, either by generating and testing new hypotheses or re-evaluating conventional wisdom.

More information.

Deadline: January 11, 2013

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