Thursday, January 17, 2013


PUBLICATION: Special Issue on Land Grabbing in Latin America

The Canadian Journal of Development Studies has released a special issue on Land Grabbing in Latin America.

There are eight articles in this Special Issue: seven research articles plus the guest editors’ introductory essay, covering country experiences in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala and Mexico. A close reading of the contributions to this Special Issue can contribute important insights into the debate on land grabbing. In addition to introducing a previously under-explored geographic region into the emerging land grab literature, they also provide insights into the distinct political economy of the region that informs the way land grabs actually occur, and are perceived and understood. The contribution of these papers to the broader scholarship on land grabbing can be seen in at least seven ways elaborated in the introductory essay.

All articles in the special issue are open-access until May 31, 2013. To access the articles you will need to have a (free) online account with Taylor & Francis Online. Follow this link and either register (if you do not already have an account) or sign in (if you do).

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