Thursday, January 03, 2013


TRAINING: CSDi Online Course on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction

The Center for Sustainable Development—CSDi—is launching a course in community-based disaster risk reduction beginning on January 16th.

This past year CSDi has participated in a number of DRR partner projects worldwide. We are seeing tremendous similarities between the projects: chiefly disasters caused by extreme weather events and flooding—and a lack of knowledge of effective techniques for disaster risk reduction. The disasters seen in student projects have lead to reduced harvests for smallholder farmers, reduced incomes, reduced food security, the destruction of homes and assets and the displacement of families.

The solutions that students have been developing for their projects include land management plans, watershed/forest restorations, rainy season drainage programs, community-based disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs, community-based flood mitigation and adaptation programs, community-based flash flood and landslide prevention programs, and advocacy programs for government flood response support.

In OL 345 students and their community members will first develop a participatory mapping of disaster risks, hazards, assets and community capacity, and then consult with a DRR expert to develop a participatory training process for developing a DRR Program specific to their local context.

More information (including course syllabus).

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