Wednesday, February 20, 2013


AWARDS: Global Development Awards and Medals Competition (AMC)

The Global Development Awards and Medals Competition is an innovative award scheme launched by GDN with generous support from the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan, and other donors. Since its inception in 2000, GDN has provided US$ 3.6 million in research and travel grants to finalists and winners. Winners are chosen by an eminent jury at 14th GDN’s Global Development Conference; an event attended by over 500 practitioners in the field of development to whom the finalists present their proposals/papers.

The competition accepts submissions in three categories:

Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP). MIDP is a competitive grant program that provides development practitioners with the opportunity to compete for grants worth US$ 45,000 to help scale up their innovative project. The grants are awarded to projects and/or non-governmental organizations that are supporting improved service delivery, in particular, innovative approaches and meet certain set criteria. These projects are not theme based. However, the projects need to contribute to sustainable development.

Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD). ORD is awarded to an organization/researcher(s) whose proposal to conduct research on any one of the three research themes of (1) inequality, (2) social protection and social policies, or (3) inclusive growth holds the greatest promise for improving our understanding of the relevant development issues and puts forth clear, articulate and well researched policy implications to address these development problems.

Medals for Research on Development (Medals). Medals are given to researchers for their completed research work that demonstrates academic excellence on the three research themes of (1) inequality, (2) social protection and social policies, and (3) inclusive growth.

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Deadline: March 11, 2013

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