Thursday, February 14, 2013


CALL FOR PAPERS: Handbook of Sustainable Water Use and Management

The "Hanbook of Sustainable Water Use and Management" will be edited by Walter Leal Filho (HAW Hamburg, Germany) and Vakur Sumer (Selcuk University, Turkey).

Papers are now invited for a  new book titled on "Handbook of Sustainable Water Use and Management". Water resources are vital to the well being of individuals, to the environmental balance and the economy as a whole. Apart from its key role  in hydrogeological processes, water is used in agriculture, in the the manufacture of products, for cooling and cleaning, and as a means of transportation. But despite the relevance of water resources and the pressing need to foster their sustainable use, we currently experience situations where both wastage and misuse have being contributing to an exarcerbation of water scarcity. Both in the industrialised world, and especially in developing nations, the need for sustainable approaches towards water use and management is one of the top political priorities, and is often a matter of national security.

On the basis of the need to address the information and knowledge gap in respect of sustainable water use and management, this publication is being produced. The book is meant to document and disseminate experiences, approaches, methods and projects focusing on sustainable water management and the sustainable use of water resources, worldwide, evaluating the sustainability of water sources and identifying potential risks regarding future water supply.

Expressions of interest  should related to mature ideas, initiatives and projects, which can be formulated as book chapters in a relatively short time. The deadline for submissions of abstracts is the 30th  March 2013. Papers are due by the 30th July 2013. The book is to be launched  in late 2013, so a tight schedule has to be followed. Expressions of interest,  should be send to: Dr. Vakur Sümer  at:

Deadline: March 30, 2013

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