Tuesday, February 12, 2013


CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue on Implications of Low Carbon Products for Producers, Consumers & Governments

The International Journal of Global Warming, a Thomson-Reuters, ISI Indexed journal, invites papers for a special issue on the “Implications of low carbon products for producers, consumers and governments”.

The creation of a sustainable, low carbon society requires reforms in both current industrial practice and social systems. Concerted efforts in these two areas are expected to give rise to new business opportunities and contribute to sustainable economic development. This state of affairs has motivated many countries to engage in moves towards a sustainable low-carbon society, but lack of research on elements such as innovative environmental governance, the use of intelligent finance strategies and market-based mechanisms or an understanding of the importance of green, low carbon products and their acceptance, hinders such efforts.

The concern with how carbon issues have been used by firms to influence consumer behaviour has encouraged several governments to review their green marketing guidelines. However, sustainable development and carbon reduction will not be achieved by governments alone; the entire population has to hold the belief that the contribution of individuals working towards these goals is so significant, that they will adapt their behaviour and contribute to more sustainable patterns of consumption. Thus, it is imperative to enhance understanding of the publics’ current beliefs, the resulting attitudes and perceptions of sustainable development, carbon reduction and new technologies, with a view to developing influencing strategies which secure behaviour change.

Subject Coverage

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Deadlines for Submission

  1. Call for papers: 10th January 2013
  2. Deadline for abstracts: 30th March 2013
  3. Deadline for full papers: 30th June 2013
  4. Deadline for all reviews and changes: 30th September 2013

Abstracts of up to 200 words should be sent to: Prof. Arminda do Paço (apaco@ubi.pt)

Deadline: March 30, 2013

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