Wednesday, March 06, 2013


CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: International Land Coalition Facility in Support of Innovative and High Impact Targeted Interventions

The International Land Coalition announces a new initiative called the Facility in Support of Innovative and High Impact Targeted Interventions on the ground (FTI). This facility builds on the experience gained through a previous programme, ILCs Community Empowerment Facility (CEF), which supported 52 small projects led by civil society organizations to apply innovative approaches that help the rural poor gain access to and control over land and other natural resources during the 1999-2009 period.

FTI promotes direct interventions on the ground with the specific purposes of:

High impact projects  may consist of:

The FTI is expected to support 15 to 25 projects per year from 2013-2015.

Who can apply?

National and local civil society organisations (CSOs) from the South are the priority targets for the FTI. ILC defines CSOs to include networks and organisations of farmers, producers, women, indigenous peoples, agricultural workers, fishers, the landless, pastoralists, forest users or other associations of rural peoples, including community-based organisations and social movements.  Local, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their networks, as well as national, regional, and international research institutes may also be considered as CSOs. Northern and international CSOs/NGOs may be accepted where they have existing partnerships with the southern, national or local CSOs, and  where their involvement will distinctly provide an added value, or where there are unique circumstances justifying the need for a leading role by a northern or international CSO/NGO.

More information.

Deadline: open

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