Thursday, March 07, 2013


CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: The Elinor Ostrom Award on Collective Governance of the Commons

Created to honor and develop the legacy of Elinor Ostrom, the award aims to acknowledge and promote the work of practitioners, young and senior scholars involved in the field of the commons. According with Ostrom’s large legacy the Award will go to academic and applied works on traditional commons, local commons, interlinked commons, global commons, knowledge, cultural and virtual commons.

The Ostrom Prize will award work already done, for scholars as well as for practitioners.

For the nomination process, all members of the Institutional Partners of the Award Council and of the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop of Political Theory and Policy Analysis can nominate. Council members can propose themselves as nominators. Donors can also act as nominators and/or evaluators. In any case, nobody can nominate or evaluate people or groups from their own organization, and a statement of absence of conflict of interest should be made by all nominators and evaluators and assessed by the Award Council.

The nominators will also be responsible for submitting the application package whose content must satisfy the requirements specified by the Council in order to substantiate the contributions and merits of the candidates.

There are three main Award categories:

More information.

Deadline: April 8th, 2013

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