Wednesday, May 29, 2013


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 2nd Global Land Project Open Science Meeting

The aim of the Global Land Project (GLP) 2nd Open Science Meeting “Land Transformations: between global challenges and local realities” is to bring together large parts of the international research community working on land change issues, showcase the width and scope of ongoing research, help build a community in this highly interdisciplinary field, inspire new research and facilitate review, theory building and extrapolation. The conference will synthesize and discuss the role of the land system as a platform for human-environment interactions, connecting local land use decisions to global impacts and responses.

Abstracts are invited for presentations and posters for this leading global conference in Land Science. Contributions should reference one of the conference sessions. In case you do not identify any appropriate session, you may submit to the ‘open session’ that will be structured by the scientific committee.

Main conference themes

  1. Rethinking land change transitions: drastic changes in land cover and subtle changes in land management.
  2. Local land users in a tele-connected world: the role of human decision making on land use as both a driver and response to global environmental change.
  3. Impacts and responses: land systems changes to mitigate global environmental change impacts and adapt to increasing demands for food, fuel and ecosystem services.
  4. Land governance: the ways in which alternative approaches to governance of land resources can enhance the sustainability transition.

More information.

Deadline for abstracts: June 30, 2013

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