Monday, May 06, 2013


EMPLOYMENT: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Program Officer – Climate and Land Use

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation is seeking an exceptional individual to lead its work on Climate and Land Use, with a particular emphasis on work to reduce emissions associated with agriculture. The Program Officer will manage an annual grant budget of $10 million, lead the design and implementation of the Foundation’s Climate and Land Use grantmaking strategy, and represent the Foundation on the CLUA Program Team. This position will work closely with grantees to achieve strategic outcomes that slow or reduce net GHG emissions associated with agriculture.

Since 2008, the Foundation has focused its grantmaking in this area through funding of three strategies: promoting a shift from unsustainable to sustainable biofuels, promoting U.S. and state climate policy that supports agricultural greenhouse gas emission reductions, and promoting U.S. federal policy and industry practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen pollution.

Looking forward, the Foundation’s program will continue to implement that strategy, but will expand somewhat to include two new strategies for agricultural emissions reduction:

  1. Supply chain innovations: Within the U.S., the Foundation will increase its support for supply-chain approaches to agricultural emissions, including work with major retailers and other purchasers of agricultural commodities on voluntary policies that will lead to decreased agricultural emissions.
  2. International opportunities: The Foundation will focus on identifying and funding projects to reduce agricultural emissions outside of the United States. In the near term, this will include the expansion of a current project focused on palm oil in Indonesia. The Foundation anticipates that a regional focus on Asia will be an ongoing part of this strategy.

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