Thursday, May 16, 2013


TRAINING: International Legal Pluralism Course 2013

In August 2013 the Commission on Legal Pluralism will organize a course on Legal Pluralsim preceding the 17th IUAES conference in Manchester, UK.

The course will be about theories, knowledge and methodologies of legal pluralism. The purpose of the 3½-day course, which precedes the IUAES 17th World Congress, is to familiarize the participants with the current international debates and insights in socio-legal studies and legal pluralism and to offer them a comparative perspective allowing them to rethink their own research and practical work. At the center of the discussion will be issues pertaining to rights protection, gender, natural resource management and land tenure, and dispute management in the context of globalizing economic, political and legal developments.

More information (pdf). Note that although the deadline is listed as May 15th is has been extended to May 31.

Deadline: May 31, 2013

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