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EMPLOYMENT: International Land Coalition Asia Regional Facilitator

The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global alliance working to promote access to land for people who are landless or have insecure land rights.

Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) in Africa, Latin America and Asia are organized into regional platforms. Each regional platform meets once a year to approve ILC’s priority actions for the region, which are subsequently integrated in ILC’s global workplan. For the Asia regional platform, a light regional coordination unit hosted by a member and headed by a Regional Facilitator supports the implementation of the regional component of the ILC work plan, under the oversight of the Asia Regional Steering Committee.

Currently, the ILC Asia platform has entered a transition period.  The new host organization of ILC Asia is the Consortium for Agrarian Reform/Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA), based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Accordingly, there is a vacancy for the position of the Asia Regional Facilitator of the ILC Asia Regional Platform, based at the KPA office in Jakarta from September 2013.

The ILC Asia Steering Committee is handling the recruitment and hiring process of the ILC Asia Regional Facilitator.

Terms of Reference

The ILC Asia Regional Facilitator will be accountable to the Steering Committee of ILC Asia. The facilitator will be responsible for enhancing ILC’s role in addressing challenges related to promoting secure access to land for women and men in the Asian region by undertaking the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Implement the ILC strategic framework as approved by the ILC Asia Steering Committee
  2. Prepare the annual work plan and budget for approval by the ILC Asia Steering Committee
  3. Lead the implementation of the approved work plan and budget of the regional co-ordination unit
  4. Serve as the secretariat to the ILC Asia Steering Committee and Regional Assembly by performing the following tasks:
    (a) Support the Steering Committee in the preparation of the agenda
    (b) Prepare and circulate the minutes of the meetings and documentation of the regional assembly within two weeks whenever possible
    (c) Perform other tasks as instructed by the Members and Steering Committee.
  5. Prepare reports of ILC Asia for the Coalition Council Meetings
  6. Link ILC Members to respective country governments, IGOs, and others CSOs involved on land governance
  7. Facilitate regular and timely communication among members and partners in Asia, ILC Asia Steering Committee and ILC Secretariat
  8. Submit monthly activity updates to the ILC Asia Steering Committee and Host Organization
  9. Prepare and submit timely reports/updates/information that may be requested by Members and the ILC Secretariat
  10. Develop proposals and negotiate for resources for the regional platform as approved by the ILC Asia Steering Committee
  11. Supervise local staff or consultants as may be recruited in support of ILC Asia
  12. Facilitate member-to-member action, including collective actions, communication among members and other land-concerned actors at the national, regional and global levels
  13. Operate the regional co-ordination unit in close cooperation with the host organization

More information.

Deadline: July 20, 2013

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