Thursday, September 19, 2013


EMPLOYMENT: Opportunities with CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on REDD+

In 2009, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) started a multi-donor funded Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCS REDD+) in 13 countries. This GCS REDD+ is a 6-year global comparative research project on first and second-generation REDD+ activities in selected countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project is designed in several modules, i.e., national initiatives around policy processes and strategies (Module 1), sub-national demonstration activities, monitoring and reference levels, carbon management at the landscape level (incl. adaptation and mitigation synergies and multi-level governance) and knowledge sharing. The overall goal of the project is to provide REDD+ policy makers and practitioner communities with the information, analysis and tools they need to ensure effective and cost-efficient reduction of carbon emissions with equitable impacts and co-benefits such as poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation – the ‘3E+’ criteria.

The aim of the research in Module 1 is to identify how opportunities and potential barriers related to governance, institutions and the political economy of forests in national REDD+ policy arenas, can be addressed through policy design and implementation. The project will use comparative research to analyze the country specific circumstances and factors that explain varying 3E outcomes from the national policy processes.

CIFOR is accepting candidates for the following positions related to this project:

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