Wednesday, January 15, 2014


EMPLOYMENT: Agricultural Economist, The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) invites applications for the position of Agricultural Economist to undertake impact evaluation and to lead efforts aimed at tracking IITA’s contribution to poverty reduction and other development outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa. As elaborated in the refreshed strategy for 2012–2020, IITA’s 2020 vision is to lift 11 million Africans out of poverty and redirect 7.5 million hectares of degraded land to more productive and sustainable use. These targets derive from the four System Level Outcomes defined by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR): reducing rural poverty, increasing food security, addressing under nutrition, and promoting more sustainable management of natural resources. As a member of the IITA Social Sciences and Agribusiness program and in collaboration with our national and international partners, the successful applicant will design and undertake impact evaluation of improved agricultural technologies and other interventions using rigorous methods in a manner that facilitates tracking of IITA’s progress toward poverty reduction goals in terms of the number of people lifted above the international poverty line.


  1. Develop and implement an operational plan for tracking IITA’s contribution to poverty reduction and other development outcomes with a detailed description of target technologies and institutional and policy innovations, geographic coverage, data requirements, methods and timing of data collection and analysis, and budgets;
  2. Build on existing qualitative and quantitative impact evaluation methods and develop extended approaches for aggregating producer and consumer benefits and quantifying the aggregate poverty impacts (i.e. number of poor moved out of poverty) of technological, institutional and policy innovations in a manner that goes beyond establishing causality and estimating average effects including methods for combining household data with general equilibrium models;
  3. Undertake and coordinate adoption and impact evaluation studies aimed at quantifying the aggregate effects of IITA interventions on poverty reduction and sustainable natural resources management;
  4. Develop and operationalize a mechanism for gathering and archiving critical feedback information and on-farm experimental data and participatory evaluation of institutional and policy interventions from IITA staff and partners involved in agricultural innovations development, dissemination and scaling out and scaling up;
  5. Establish a mechanism for providing feedback to M&E and IITA management;
  6. Publish research findings and contribute to dissemination of research results and development outcomes to stakeholders;
  7. Contribute to capacity strengthening of national partners; and
  8. Participate actively in annual review and planning meetings, resource mobilization, and contribute to strategic research planning.

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Deadline: open

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