Tuesday, February 25, 2014


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: European IASC Meeting: The Use of Commons in a Changing Society

Abstracts are invited for the third European International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) meeting: “From Generation to Generation – the use of commons in a changing society”. The meeting will take place on 16-19 September, 2014, in Umeå, Sweden.

The aim of the IASC European Regional Meeting 2014 is to further strengthen the network of European researchers studying commons. The conference is open to researchers and practitioners in the policy domain who work on natural resource management and who want to contribute to discussions on management regimes and governance in a changing society.

The overall theme for this regional meeting is ”From generation to generation – the use of commons in a changing society”. Northern and indigenous commons are particularly emphasized. Rapid changes are occurring across the North primarily driven by climate change, rapid economic development and a new geopolitical situation. Indigenous peoples’ traditional use of natural resources is especially challenged, while they are gaining political and legal recognition. The conference will review how local societies deal with the required institutional change, taking into account both national and international contexts. Across panels and keynotes, the conference aims at contributing to the on-going development of theory and methods concerning the commons.

The overall theme for the conference is how to meet the changing society still using resources in a sustainable way. Conference participants are encouraged to contribute with papers on one of the sub-themes. They also welcome contributions of posters on one of the sub-themes.

The sub-themes of the conference are:

  1. Management of Northern Commons and Indigenous Commons in Transition
  2. Rural and Cultural Commons in Europe
  3. Multi-level Governance of Local and Global Commons

More information.

Deadline: April 1, 2014

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