Tuesday, February 11, 2014


PUBLICATION: Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South: Conceptual Approaches

“Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South: Conceptual Approaches” is a joint publication of the ‘Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources’ (CoCooN) research programme. It presents the conceptual approaches of all the interdisciplinary CoCooN projects, ranging from green criminology and political ecology to institutional analysis, legal pluralism and identity politics.

The contributors to this volume leave behind the polarised debate that previously surrounded the relationship between natural resources and conflict, preferring a more nuanced approach that allows for multiple causes at various levels. The authors cover a wide array of resources, geographical contexts (Africa, Asia and Latin America), and conflict dynamics. Most are of a comparative nature, exploring experiences of conflict as well as cooperation in multiple regions. The volume is of interest to academics and practitioners concerned with an understanding of conflict as well as cooperation over natural resources.

The book:

  • Outlines the theoretical underpinnings of the various CoCooN research projects;
  • Is aimed at an international audience of researchers and postgraduate students in the field of natural resource management;
  • Is a reference work bringing together in one volume different approaches form different fields;
  • Highlights various new, conceptual approaches to understanding and addressing issues of conflict and cooperation over natural resources in the developing world;
  • Is including academic insights from a variety of social science disciplines, such as economics, human geography, anthropology, criminology, political science and natural sciences.

Available here.

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