Tuesday, March 04, 2014


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 6th International AESOP-Sustainable Food Planning Conference

This is a multidisciplinary call focusing on urban food systems and the role of urban agriculture, focusing on design, policy, and agricultural innovations and implementations. It will take place on 5-7 November, 2014 in Velp/Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The 6th AESOP conference aims to bring together scientists, practitioners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs to discuss and exchange current knowledge, practical projects and implementation of urban food production in relation to global food systems. Where and how can space be found to realise a sustainable food supply in cities? This is not only a pure spatial question. It requires also social innovation, new finance models, extraordinary concepts, and ‘a good reason’, which can be found in ecological, financial or health benefits. Also what are the innovations and challenges for conventional food systems planning that may work with or against urban agriculture? Finally, the way decisions are taken can make or break local initiatives and therefore deserves attention.

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Deadline: April 15, 2014

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