Thursday, March 20, 2014


EMPLOYMENT: ICRAF Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

The Head of the ME&I Unit will provide exceptional leadership to drive the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting on evaluation and impact activities of the Centre. He/She will have functions related both towards the coordination of monitoring and evaluation of research activities implemented by centre scientists and partners, the acceleration of impact of centre research as well as in promoting more and better quality assessments of that impact. Key among his/her responsibilities is to help deliver the ICRAF corporate strategy, particularly the goals of accelerating the use of agroforestry innovations and transforming agroforestry impacts to large scale.

Responsibilities will include improving the culture of impact and dissemination of best practices on moving from knowledge to action. In terms of promoting impact assessment, the Head of the ME&I Unit will support scientists in planning, evaluation and impact research through dissemination of guidelines and methods. He/she will also undertake impact assessment studies related to Centre research and to Agroforestry.

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Deadline: April 4, 2014

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