Tuesday, July 29, 2014




Power in Institutions and Institutional Analysis of Common-Pool Resources

For the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASC) 15th Biennial Meeting, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in May 25-29, 2015


Gustavo Garcia Lopez and Eric Coleman

Common pool resource (CPR) management institutions have important power asymmetries both within groups of resource users and between local users and state actors. Understanding how the institutions used to manage CPRs ameliorate or reinforce such power asymmetries is a foundationally important task for the social sciences. While scholars from diverse disciplines have studied how power permeates social relations, more work is needed to clarify these concepts, develop theoretical understandings of the role of power, and to test these theories through empirical analysis within the context of CPR theory. Therefore, we are soliciting  proposals for a special session organized during the 2015 IASC biennial meeting. We are interested in organizing two panels.

See the full call for further details.

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