Thursday, November 06, 2014


PUBLICATION: Field guide to Adaptive Collaborative Management and improving women’s participation

This new manual from CIFOR specifically addresses how to encourage the broader participation of women in decision making through Adaptive Collaborative Management (ACM).  ACM is a transformative problem-solving and management approach to learn and act collectively to systematically adapt to change and improve management outcomes.  Women are crucial actors in forest management, yet their involvement in decision making has not kept pace with reforms in broader political and economic systems.

We include practical guidance and examples of how to apply ACM methods in communities and how to teach those methods to others. We also present an overview of ACM concepts, suggested steps and activities (from both field practitioners and community members), tips, case studies and recommendations of additional resources.  This manual can also be applied to the management of a wide range of natural resources, such as natural forests, planted forests, crops, gardens, water or animals.

Download the publication here.

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