Tuesday, April 21, 2015


RESOURCES: New version of AGROVOC, integrating land governance and tenure

In partnership with the Land Portal Foundation, the Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) project, facilitated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has released a new version of AGROVOC, the world’s most comprehensive multilingual agricultural vocabulary.
The Land Portal Foundation and the AGROVOC team collaborated to extend the coverage of AGROVOC in the domain of land governance and tenure. The collaboration started in December 2014, with the idea of using the Multilingual Thesaurus on Land Tenure (published by FAO in 2009) for indexing the content of the Land Portal. 

Now, a new release of AGROVOC is published (March 2015) and available to the public. It includes more than 100 new concepts related to land tenure, in up to three languages - English, French and Spanish. These new concepts not only enrich Agrovoc vocabulary by introducing a specific section dedicated to land tenure, but they also improve the usability of the Land Portal, as well as all other land related libraries, repositories and information providers, allowing for a better indexing and data organization for the upcoming Land Library and web pages. The result is an improvement in the use of linked open data, facilitating the linking and exchange of data among web platforms.  Read more about this exciting new development here.

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